“The Basics of Christian Theology and Belief” Thursdays at 7:00 p.m. at GUC
January 21, 28 & February 4 & 11

Leaders: David J. Wood & Rabbi Evan Moffic

In Seminar 1 in this three Seminar series, we did an overview of the history of Christianity. In this 2nd Seminar, we will do an overview of the development of the Christian theology over the centuries.
We will explore the enduring core beliefs and convictions of Christianity. Evan Moffic will join us for weeks 3 & 4 to lead us in a discussion of his (soon to be published) book,
What Every Christian Needs to Know About the Jewishness of Jesus. These four weeks will engage us in a rich reflection on theology, the Bible, and the many and various ways Christian thought has played out over the centuries. Attending Seminar 1 is NOT necessary to participate in Seminar 2.

Please sign up during coffee hour or by emailing David at david@glencoeunionchurch.org We will have copies of Evan’s book on hand for purchase as soon as they become available from the publisher.