Five Thursdays
7:00 pm at GUC  
April 21, 28, May 5, 12 19
Springboard Conversation

The Practice of Forgiveness:  Love and Reconciliation
Forgiveness.  We talk a lot about it.  We know that as Christians we are forgiven and that we are to forgive.  It’s even part of the Lord’s prayer (“forgive us our sin…”)  But what does “forgiveness” actually mean?
    •  Is it possible to forgive someone who hasn’t asked forgiveness?
    •  Is it possible to forgive someone with whom you no longer have a relationship, or who             has died?
    •  Is it possible, or even Christian, to forgive a wrong that is on-going?
In this group, we’ll focus on what forgiveness is, how it functions, and our call to it as a forgiven people.