Pentecost Sunday, we celebrate the “birthday of the Church” (not GUC but the Church, that was born on Pentecost in Acts 2) with a potluck Chili-and-Corn-Bread lunch and, more importantly, baptisms!  Adults and children alike are being baptized on this celebratory day.  Plan to be here, to stay for lunch, and to bring something to share: you can sign up during fellowship and coffee throughout May.

Consider wearing fiery colors that day to remember and represent the tongues of flames that appeared over the disciples when they began to talk about the great things Jesus had done in ways that everyone could understand. 

Worship is at the center of our life and ministry here at GUC.  Each time we gather, we strive to generate a worship service that honors God, nurtures faith, relates to everyday life -- and inspires hope. We celebrate the Lord's Supper on the first Sunday of every month. In the name of Christ, we welcome all who choose to come to the table. 

·   1st - 4th graders are invited to join their families for the beginning of worship.  Following the Children's Story in worship, 1-4th graders are welcome to attend Cornerstone - a separate worship time marked by singing, a story, and fun activities.   

·       Please join us after worship for coffee hour -- a great place to catch up, get to know folks, or sign up for an event or project!