Summer Evensong Services
We are excited to announce that this summer the choir is bringing evensong to GUC.

What is Evensong?
Evensong is a choral tradition originating in the Anglican church. The service is a choral rendering of the Evening Prayer service, which is essentially a hybrid of the offices of vespers and compline. As at most mainline protestant churches, our worship experience at GUC is structured almost exclusively around the Sunday morning worship service, but one of the beautiful aspects of "high liturgy" traditions, such as Anglicanism, Episcopalianism, and Catholicism, is the extension of worship and prayer beyond the confines of a weekly Sunday morning service. Evensong is an opportunity to meet in the evening for a contemplative and moving worship service and to experience a different flavor of worship than we are used to.

In an evensong service, the choir does the heavy-lifting, allowing the congregation to sit, listen and reflect on the message of the scripture readings and the musical selections. The service includes musical settings of the traditional Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis canticles, a chanted psalm, sung prayers and responses, and a choral anthem. The congregation is invited to join in on sung hymns, led by the choir and organist.

Where and When?
We'll offer two services throughout the summer, one at the end of July and one at the end of August:

Wednesday, July 27
Thursday, August 30

Services will be held in the sanctuary at 7pm. They will last about 30-40 minutes.

Who Should Come?
Anyone and everyone! Invite friends and family! It's a short service that is almost entirely comprised of music, so even those who are not used to the standard church worship experience will enjoy the service. We'll be inviting members of local churches to attend as well!