A Storytelling Workshop
led by Rebecca Anderson
Saturday, September 29
9:00 a.m. -  Noon at GUC

Glimpses of More:  Stories About the Meaning of Life

Here at GUC, we have experienced the power of stories and storytelling.  In light of our focus for the coming year (“What is the Meaning Life?”),  the time is ripe for us to take up the task of storytelling once again.  Who better to aid us in this effort than Rebecca Anderson?
In this active and interactive event, participants will strengthen their skills of crafting and telling stories. We’ll think outside our usual stories -- thinking beyond what "counts" as a story worth telling in a faith community. To that end, our storytelling session will help you:
    •    Learn how to better mine experience for, and then craft, personal narratives on a theme
    •    Improve your style: presence, tone, pacing, presentation.
    •    Use structure intentionally and creatively to strengthen your story
This workshop is OPEN TO ALL — whether you have been part of this effort in the past or if it is a new undertaking for you.   Sign up during coffee hour, email David Wood (david@glencoeunionchurch.org) or call the church office (847-235-1111).

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!