Dear Friends,

Ash Wednesday signals the beginning of the most penitential season of the Christian year.  Over the next 40 days we will seek to attend more closely to the shape of our daily lives in hope of becoming more like Christ.  This Lenten Season, I have chosen to focus on what it means to thrive spiritually in the midst of a technological age.  Here are the five themes I will take up--in my sermons and in this daily blog--over the next 40 days:  

  • FOCUS: Paying careful attention in a world of demanding distractions
  • REST:  Finding sacred time and place in a world of timelessness and constant mobility
  • CONTEMPLATION: Acquiring knowledge and wisdom in a world of information and access
  • CONNECTION:  Cultivating meaningful connection in a world of constant connectedness
  • PRESENCE:  Living incarnation in a discarnate world

My daily blog entries will be brief and to the point.

I look forward to sharing this journey together...