arRESTing Work

It's the morning of the 7th day...Sabbath.  Jesus kept the sabbath.  There is reason to believe that the primary purpose of the Creation narrative in Genesis 1-2 is to establish the sacredness of time, the 7 day rhythm of our lives--the culmination being the Sabbath Day.  The point is not that the world was created in seven 24 hour days...but that meaningful life is. The origin of the “week” is a mystery…it is independent of the month and unrelated to the cycles of the moon.  To lose the sabbath is to lose touch with the God-imaged mystery that is our lives. Keeping time well turned on the 7th day...which was to be a day of rest.  "So God blessed the 7th day and hallowed it, because on it God rested from all the work that God had done in creation."  (Gen. 2:3)

Our days get their meaning as part of the week. Technological, mechanized time knows no such rhythm. Time is de-storied, one might say.  Rest becomes elusive and, therefore, work becomes degraded.  To order our days rightly is to order our weeks well.  I'm not a legalist when it comes to sabbath—evidenced by what I am doing on this sabbath morning. :)  But I know that its absence disorders my life.  Is there a discernible sabbath rhythm to your week?  It doesn't come naturally or inevitably.   How is the rest of your life?


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