This past Sunday evening a standing room only crowd gathered at GUC for a special showing of the movie, SCREENAGERS.  It is a documentary on the challenge of learning to live well with technology--with a particular focus on teens and parenting.  In the Q&A time that followed a mother raised a great question about resisting urgency. She talked about the struggle to resist the urge to respond to the multitude of technological knocks on the door of any given moment:  the phone call, the text, the tweet, the email, the Facebook post, etc.  This gets even more complicated because we have come to expect immediate responses when we are the ones doing the knocking...we have a tendency to read delayed responses as indifference.  And we don't want others to misread us that way...urgency overwhelms importance.   Even though technology gives us the freedom to respond when we choose--it's hard to resist the urge to respond if whatever is incoming is urgent.

"The important things in life are seldom urgent; and the urgent things are seldom important" -- a phrase I heard years ago that has stayed with me and has taken on new significance in my device laden world.  We need to privilege the importance of the immediate physical, relational environment we are actually in in any given moment.  Today:  resist the urgent for the sake of the important.


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