It has been proposed that one of the key reasons we lack focus in our day to day lives is FOMO:  Fear Of Missing Out.  FOMO is identified as one of the negative consequences of the immediacy of information received through social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and Instagram.  One researcher notes, "that the immediacy with which we can now receive updates about what others are doing serves to amplify the anxiety, inadequacy, and irritation one can feel when using social media."  "NOW" used to be mediated only by what was in our immediate physical environment--what was right before our eyes, in range of our hearing, our touch, smell, etc.  But our technological devices have radically expanded our capacity to know what is happening in any given moment with any number of other people in any number of places.  Does this expansion of "kNOWledge" concentrate our awareness of 'now' or diminish it?  In the end, perhaps we are most in danger of missing what is in any given moment.