I must confess, for all my critique of digital connection, I do like it. The simplicity of it all.   I like that I can send a note off to someone in an instant...and know that they will have it, essentially, immediately.  I don't need for them to respond right away.  But it feels good to have a message delivered to their digital door.  The communication can be short...even shorter than a full sentence.  Gone is all that slowness and effort and the crafting.  Even a phone call is much more loaded.  Am I interrupting?  Why didn't they pick up?  What am I hearing that they are not saying--the tone of voice, sense that they have or don't have time to talk.  When the call goes to voicemail...it can feel like someone has heard you knocking and chosen (for whatever reason) to stay quiet and not answer.  Just about everyone we know has their cell phones with them and checks every incoming call.  But sending an email or even a text does not raise that question...although a text is somewhere between an email and a phone call.  We know just about everyone checks their incoming texts in real time.  

I'm not saying I spend any amount of time in any given day deciphiring all of these various digital signals or non signals as the case may be..  Really, I don't.  Really.  Maybe once in a while.

Now, where was I...ah, yes:  The simplicity of it all.....that's what I love!