Transcending natural limitations has always been one of the most appealing aspects of technology.  Through our devices, we overcome the overriding physical limitation that we can only be one place at a time.  While that remains true of our bodies, our voices are not longer bound by such limitation.  The same can be said of our sight.  We are able, in one sense, to span great distances in a single moment without ever leaving our homes.  No question that we all experience these transcending capacities as positive additions to our lives.  I certainly do.

Sometimes, we just need to go out for a walk.  I think there is a lot to be said for that impulse.  Yes, it's about getting some fresh air and exercise.  But perhaps it also speaks of a deeper, primal, even spiritual impulse to get back into our bodies.  To feel the gravity of our existence again--to get out of our heads and into our feet.  To be grounded in time and space.  To reorient ourselves to our physical surroundings instead of transcending or bypassing them.

Perhaps going out for a walk is a small step of resistance to disincarnation.