After my sermon yesterday on "A Spirituality of Attention," a parishioner talked with me about how difficult it was to turn off the news--it seems that something monumental is breaking by the hour.  That is a common frustration I hear these days.  In his book, The Ecology of Attention, Yves Citton advises, "Extract yourself from the hold to the alertness media regime."  He continues, "On the one hand, helping us to avoid the ills that threaten us is an essential function of attention.  On the other, a state of permanent alertness stifles reflection as surely as the infinite calculation of possible alternatives stifles enjoyment.  But it is just such a state of permanent alertness that is made to hover over us by our current media enthralments, through 'crisis' discourses, images of catastrophes, political scandals and violent news items."

"Permanent Alertness stifles reflection."  That's worth reflecting on.  More on this tomorrow.



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