I have spent my initial posts highlighting the ways technology, with our cooperation and acquiescence, captivates and distracts us.  I have not focused as much on the ways you and I are already living that signal a resistance to this passive acquiescence.  More often than not, those ways go unnamed and unrecognized.  Today,  I want to encourage you to identify the ways you are already asserting, however tentatively, a resistance.  I want you to identify the ways you have been successful in enacting your intuition that technology must not center the shape of your life. Drawing attention to those enactments and recognizing their importance is to affirm, celebrate, and strengthen such efforts.  Make a list and post it.  Shine a light.

To help you in this reflection, I am enclosing a link to an interview I did with Albert Borgmann--one of the most prominent philosophers of technology in North America.  It was published in The Christian Century magazine back in 2003.  I know of no more important person to read than Albert on what it means to live well in this technological age.  It will take a few minutes to read...but I promise you, it will be worth the effort.  Sometime today, set aside a few minutes for this effort.  Here is the link to the interview.

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