Today, I want to begin turning our attention from distraction to our experience of TIME & SPACE.  How does life in our technological age shape our experience of time and space?  Another way to put it is that one of the enduring allures of technological devices is that they enable us to transcend the limits of time and overcome the inconvenience of distance. At the same time, among the persistent complaints about our lives these days is the loss of time, a frenetic restlessness, a disquieting urge to be constantly on the move.  A recovery of the sacredness of time and a sense of place in the midst of time may be at the heart of cultivating our capacity to live well.  In Genesis, the first thing God consecrates is not any of the things created (including human beings).  The first thing God consecrates is TIME:  "And God blessed the seventh day and made it holy." (Genesis 2:3)  We live in a time when time is something we kill, waste, buy, lose and run out of.  Perhaps in our day, it is an act of resistance to pray, "Give us this day..."


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