Well...it is the 2nd Day of Easter.  I meant to write a final post yesterday--but I decided to let Easter speak for itself.

Thanks for reading along through this Lenten Season.  I have no idea of how many folks did...but a word of thanks to you who did.  It was a good discipline for me to reflect in a systematic way on what it means to live a vital spirituality under the conditions of this technological age.  So much more to be said, of course...but the sustained reflection was important for me, personally.

Yesterday, Pope Francis delivered his Easter Blessing (his Urbi et Orbi - to the city and to the world) from the main balcony of St. Peter's Basilica at the Vatican.  He noted that it was one of those rare years when all Christians celebrated Easter on the same day and concluded his blessing with the following words...which I will let stand as my final word in the dawning days of this Easter Season...

With one voice, in every part of the world, we proclaim the great message: ‘The Lord is truly risen, as he said!’ May Jesus, who vanquished the darkness of sin and death, grant peace to our days.