On Sunday afternoon, April 30, Jennifer and I begin our Sabbatical Sojourn.  We load up the car and head for West Hartford, CT., where Jennifer's parents live.  We arrive there on Monday, May 1 and on Tuesday, May 2, we fly out of JFK for London's Heathrow airport.  There, we rent a car and begin our drive north to Scotland.

Our first stop will be the Island of Iona for two nights and then on to the Isle of Skye where we will stay for three weeks.  Then down to a house in the Highlands near the city of Oban.  All our kids will visit during our two week stay in a house there.  We then make our way further south to the Cottswolds in northern England for two weeks before boarding a plane back to the US.  We make a brief trip to Montana to visit friends and then situate ourselves on the coast of Maine from early July to the middle of August.  

We are due to drive back into Glencoe on August 15.

My plan is to post a brief journal entry each week to mark our progress.  Those entries will comprise my Sabbatical Journal.  My first post should appear in a week or so.  Please join us!