Greetings from the Isle of Skye!  

We have just completed our first week on this enchanted Isle.  It has been an incredibly relaxing week…resting, reading, hiking…oh, and eating here and there along the way.  We have been mostly exploring the northern and central regions of the Isle.  (A few pics below)

At Jennifer’s insistence :) we did manage to swing by the Talisker Distillery a few days ago for a tour and a tasting.  

We feel ourselves settling into the landscape which feels so inviting and hospitable.  It is a new place for both of us but it feels oddly familiar and conveys a sense of belonging.  

Today is the first day we decided to stay in…the clouds are low, rain comes and goes, and a mighty wind is sweeping across the landscape.  It displays a rugged and vigorous beauty.

We have been using a Celtic Prayer book for our daily prayers.  One of the prayers we read a fews days ago expressed the overwhelming sense of God we have both felt during our days on Skye:

In the making of creatures, O God,
you called the senses into being
and named them as good.
In our tasting and touching,
in our smelling, hearing and seeing
may we be alive to the mystery of life
and alert to finding you in all things.