Greetings from Edinburgh! 

We arrived here yesterday (after two nights in St. Andrews) and will depart tomorrow for two nights in Lindisfarne.   For the two weeks prior we were in residence in Craobh Haven on the west coast of Scotland.  For one of those weeks, we had all of our kids with us (Julia, Jordan, and James), along with Jordan’s boyfriend, Jake Lipsett.  We had a grand time together exploring the Western Highlands, trekking across The Isle of Islay, riding the “Harry Potter Train” across the Glenfinnan Viaduct, hiking the spectacular Highlands around Glencoe, and scaling Ben Nevis—the highest mountain in the UK!  Well, actually, only Julia and James made it to the summit—Jen and I made it almost half way,  :). We also took in some Highland Games.  

To be sure, the highlight in the Highlands was our celebration of the Engagement of Jordan and Jake to be married!  They have been together for almost two years. It was a real joy for us to share this moment with them in this beautiful setting as they set the course for their life together.  They are planning for a wedding in Washington, D.C. (where they live) next summer.  There are a few pics below that we took that night to mark the grand occasion.

As you well know, times have been interesting here in the UK.  Between terrorist attacks in Manchester and London (Jordan and Jake were in London staying two blocks from London Bridge that night), a stunning national election and, just today, a tragic fire in London.  You all have had your own share of breaking news--including the tragic shootings in D.C. earlier today.   What does it mean to be a community of faith and faithfulness in such times?  That question is one I am living with intensely as we continue our sabbatical journey.

We are amazed at how quickly the time is moving.  At the same time, we feel the cumulative benefit of the freedom to simply be in the moment.  We continue to hold you in our hearts…which overflows with gratitude and joy.

After our two night stay in Lindisfarne, we will travel south to our rental home in the Cotswolds for our final 12 days in the UK.  We are looking forward to settling into one place for more than two nights!  It has been fun to make these brief visits to different places over this week...but we much prefer the longer stays and the daily rhythms that take hold.

A few pics give you a visual glimpse of the journey we are on.

Grace and Peace to you..and all.

David & Jennifer