Dear Friends,

Greetings from the coast of Maine….on Marshall Point in Port Clyde.  We have been here, at Jennifer’s parents’ vacation home since July 29….prior to that, we were north of here (about 2 hours) in Brooksville, Maine for three weeks.  We begin our drive towards home this coming Sunday!  

We are doing exceptionally well.  The time has flown by even as we have done our best to live each day to the fullest.  Our experience contradicts the myth that slowing down (in terms of one’s daily work routines) slows time down. Our experience thoroughly confirms the claim that, “Time flies when you’re having fun!”  We have climbed Cadillac Mountain; hiked Isle au Haut, Acadia, and Monhegan Island; kayaked Port Clyde harbor; enjoyed the company of friends, extended conversations, and indulged great books.   We even made a quick trip to Washington, D.C. to visit Jordan and Jake and, for the first time, to meet Jake’s parents—our future in-laws!  We shared a memorable evening together over an unforgettable meal with much laughter and rejoicing.

Speaking of flying, as we approach the final days of our sabbatical, I have been relating it to the experience of being on a plane and approaching one’s destination.  The announcement comes from the cockpit, “We have begun our descent into (wherever) and flight attendants will soon be   preparing the cabin for landing.”  We find ourselves in the initial preparations for our return to Glencoe.  We have not put our seats in their upright position, stowed our reading materials, or returned our tray tables to their locked position—but we have begun to orient ourselves towards our arrival into Glencoe.

It has been a wonderful time here in Maine…exploring new places around Brooksville and Blue Hill as well as dwelling in the familiar environs of Port Clyde.  It was here, in July of 1983, on a visit with friends, that Jennifer and I first “noticed” each other.  It was here we spent the 2nd week of our honeymoon in the Fall of 1984.  It was here that we spent some weeks of every summer since (and some winter weeks) with our kids, family, and various friends.  It is the perfect place to wind up these many weeks of rest, reflection, and restoration.  It begins our return.

The pictures below give you a glimpse of how we have been flying through our days, one day at a time.  We think and speak of you all often with great gratitude and affection.  We both feel certain of the goodness ofbeing with you again.

One final thought…we have been following the daily news as you have…I am so grateful that we will be navigating the days ahead together…learning as we go what it means to be a people of faith, hope, and love.  I have no doubt that the time will fly…even as we learn to live each day to the fullest.

For all that has been, thanks.

For all that is yet to be, YES!

David & Jennifer