Welcome to GUC

Sunday Worship 10 AM  |  Childcare and Christian Education Provided


Welcome to GUC

Sunday Worship 10 AM  |  Childcare and Christian Education Provided

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Friday,April 21

7:00 pm

Join us at GUC for Ms Hagerty's presentation about neuroscience.  All are welcome.

"The question that launched me on this journey could not be more basic: Does God exist? Or, put another way: Is there more than this material reality?" writes Barbara Bradley Hagerty toward the beginning of her best selling book, Fingerprints of God. Join us at GUC for an evening exploring the work of Ms Hagerty and her research on people who have reported transcendent experiences—from Pentacostal Christians speaking in tongues to meditating monks.  All are welcome to attend this evening lecture. Light refreshments will be served.





Saturday, April 22

 9:00-Noon at GUC

Saturday workshop with Barbara Bradley Hagerty on the opportunity of midlife.

There’s no such thing as an inevitable midlife crisis, Barbara Bradley Hagerty writes in her provocative, hopeful book, Life Reimagined. It’s a myth, an illusion. New scientific research explodes the fable that midlife is a time when things start to go downhill for everybody. In fact, midlife can be a great new adventure, when you can embrace fresh possibilities, purposes, and pleasures. 

All are welcome to attend the lecture on Friday, April 21.  No need to sign up in advance.  We will be meeting at GUC in the Cornell Room at 7:oo pm.

To help us better plan for the morning workshop with Ms Hagerty, please contact the church office to sign up for the workshop on Saturday, April 22. There is no charge for this event.  Barbara's book, Life Reimagined will be available for sale.

Rabbi Wendi Geffen, Sr. Rabbi of  North Shore Congregation Israel will be our guest preacher this Sunday morning.

Special Guest Speaker,Children And Video Presentation  April 23, 10:00 am  

Our Glencoe Union Church Children's Ministries program will be contributing their voices to the service this Sunday.  

Following our morning worship, the children have created a presentation they would like to share with you.  Not to be missed!





    All Are Welcome

    All Are Welcome

    What to expect when you join us

    Our Sunday Worship Service is at 10 am.

    What to expect when you join us on Sunday morning-
    Our service tends toward what most folks would consider traditional, with hymns and the accompaniment of our beautiful organ or piano.  We’re a congregation that loves to sing and we are often led in learning new songs by our choir.  Each time we gather, we strive to generate a worship service that honors God, nurtures faith, relates to everyday life — and inspires hope.

    Communion is celebrated on the first Sunday of every month. We believe the Communion Table is not ours, but Christ’s, and so it is open to all.

    Following worship we always gather for fellowship and refreshments.  We enjoy getting to know visitors, and it’s a great time to find out who we are, what we are all about.

    Please, come and join us!


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    Rev. David J. Wood
    Senior Minister

    Colin Knapp
    Assistant Minister

    AJ Keller
    Music Director

    Jennifer T. Wood
    Director of Children’s Ministries and Communication

    Magda Ryan
    Office Administrator



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    Find Us


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