Welcome to GUC

Sunday Worship 10 AM  |  Childcare and Christian Education Provided


Welcome to GUC

Sunday Worship 10 AM  |  Childcare and Christian Education Provided

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Reformation Sermon Series

For the next two Sundays we will continue our series on the commemoration of the 500th Anniversary of The Reformation.  Central to this series is the question of what difference The Reformation made not just then…but now.  How does something that happened 500 years ago shape our understanding today?

Sunday, Oct. 22:  

“The Reformation of our Understanding of Ourselves”

Sunday, Oct 29:  Reformation Sunday — 500th Anniversary

“The Reformation of our Understanding of the Church”

Go to our "Sermon" page to hear previous sermons in this series.

Thursday, Oct. 19, 7:00 pm at GUC

Local author, Nan Doyal, will do a presentation on her new book, 

“Dig Where You Are:  How One Person’s Effort Can Save a Life, Empower a Community and Create Meaningful Change in the World.”

What do an educator in Stockholm, a heart surgeon in India and an artist in Philadelphia have in common? They’re each working to create change in their communities; they took the first step without a grand plan or a far-reaching vision; and they’re profiled by Chicago author Nan Doyal in her new book. 

Please join us for a fascinating conversation and presentation of Ms. Doyal's book.  All are welcome to attend.  Light refreshments will be provided.


Sunday, Oct. 22 at Coffee Hour

A presentation from REFUGEE ONE…a Chicago based organization that partners with communities of faith to welcome and assist refugees begin a new life in our country.

Since 1982, RefugeeOne has welcomed more than 17,500 refugees from every major world crisis, including Cambodian survivors of the infamous killing fields, Rwandans and Bosnians fleeing genocide, Iranians forced out by the Islamic Revolution, and most recently, Syrians displaced by the ongoing civil war. In 2005, RefugeeOne even played a role in providing assistance for Americans displaced by Hurricane Katrina. 

Learn about some of the populations currently being resettled by RefugeeOne HERE.


    All Are Welcome

    All Are Welcome

    What to expect when you join us

    Our Sunday Worship Service is at 10 am.

    What to expect when you join us on Sunday morning-
    Our service tends toward what most folks would consider traditional, with hymns and the accompaniment of our beautiful organ or piano.  We’re a congregation that loves to sing and we are often led in learning new songs by our choir.  Each time we gather, we strive to generate a worship service that honors God, nurtures faith, relates to everyday life — and inspires hope.

    Communion is celebrated on the first Sunday of every month. We believe the Communion Table is not ours, but Christ’s, and so it is open to all.

    Following worship we always gather for fellowship and refreshments.  We enjoy getting to know visitors, and it’s a great time to find out who we are, what we are all about.

    Please, come and join us!


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