We are a learning community.  Throughout the year we offer a variety of opportunities for adults to gather for special presentations, conversations, and mini-seminars.  All of these opportunities are designed to cultivate a richer understanding of our faith and encourage a deeper engagement with our wider world.

2015-16 Adult Formation Opportunities

Here is a sampling the opportunities that will be offered during this coming program year:

An Ongoing Conversation on the Israel/Palestine Conflict:  we will read several books, view a selection of films, host presentations by individuals who have firsthand experience of the conflict.  These guests will include Rabbis, Palestinians (Muslim and Christian), and international aid workers.

The Inauguration of a new ministry for seniors: “Prime Time.” We will gather for a luncheon every other month (beginning in September) and offer a variety of opportunities for small group gatherings throughout the year.

Women’s Prayer Breakfast:  3rd Saturday of every month, 8:30 - 10:00 a.m.  A time for conversation, reflection and prayer.  Led by Rebecca Anderson.

Christianity 101:  An Introduction to Christian History, Thought, and Practice.  Three seminars (four sessions each) led by David J. Wood will be offered throughout the year that will provide a basic introduction to Christianity for adults.

Springboard Conversations:  Four week small group gatherings will be offered in the Winter and Spring months on a variety of topics: the importance of the Table, the practice of parenting, End of Life planning and preparation, and more!

The Relationship between Faith and Science.  This is an ongoing topic in our Adult Formation program.  In the course of the year we will have at least two presentations by guest speakers.